Thursday, November 19, 2009

Concern or Control?

We get these two mixed up many times. You can throw me into that mix. It’s part of life.

What we do with this mix-up is another story. I talk so much about awareness. It is the starting place of change, growth and expansion.

What is the difference between what you are concerned about, what you feel you have control over and what you actually do have control over?

Try this experiment:

Take a blank piece of paper. Draw a big circle on the paper. Inside of the big circle, draw a small circle. It will have the look of a donut.

Which one represents your circle of control? Which one represents your circle of concern?

If the big circle is CONTROL, let’s take a look at that. What do you ultimately control in your life? What do you really have power over? How many people do you hold in that big circle? Do you really believe you hold the power to control them? If you do, you may believe that hold the power to change them.

You hold the power to change yourself.

So, let’s take a look at this again. How much control do you REALLY have in your life?

Concern is a part of our lives. It’s a constant in our thoughts. What we actually control in that big circle of concern is really not that much, other than our own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Keep this diagram handy for a few days and see how much you find yourself trying to control what you are really only concerned about.

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